Delmarva Stargazers Club Information

Club Meetings:
We meet at First Prebyterian Church 118 West Commerce Street Smyrna Delaware on the first Tuesday of each month from 7-9 PM. September to June.
The normal meeting format includes discussion of club activities, observing high lights, constellation and deep sky object of the month, an advertised presentation and possible guest speakers. We welcome the public to our meetings, membership is not required to attend. We are always open to suggestions for topics and guest speakers.
Club Observing:
Observing is (usually) scheduled for the Friday and Saturday nearest the New Moon to maximize the observing hours during complete darkness. During the summer months when the park is open the observing site will be at the baseball field in the camping area at Tuckahoe State Park. In the winter we observe at the Equestrian center. Observing at Tuckahoe is limited to members of the Delmarva Stargazers only. This is a park mandate to protect both us and the park with a limited guard force. The observing area must be left in the condition it was found, any unusual circumstances, damage or activity should be reported to the park rangers and the club president. Check the Delmarva Stargazers Yahoo Group for observing plans. The Rangers must be notified of our expected presence 24 hours in advance. The cloud or rain date for the monthly Friday observing will be the following Saturday, but don't trust the weather man! Go outside and look for yourself or check the CNN weather link on our web page.
Club Events:
We hold two Star Parties each year, in the spring it's the Star Gaze and in the fall it's No Frills both at Tuckahoe State Park's Equestrian Center. We're going GREEN and ask everyone to bring their own travel mugs and remove their own trash from the park.
We hold Mid Atlantic Mirror Making in March each year. It may be the only place on Earth where you can come on Friday and walk out with a finished mirror ready for coating on Sunday.

Educational Outreach:
The Delmarva Stargazers are dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in our area. Our members are also promoting "Astronomy at the Library", giving presentations and providing people of all ages with the opportunity to look at the night sky through a telescope at our local libraries. We have developed relationships with local schools, summer camps and scouting organizations to provided both classroom and observing opportunities for people of all ages. For more information contact one of the club officers.
The Star Gazer News is usually composed on or after the middle of each month and published seven days before the club meeting. Please send items you wish to have published on or before the 15th of the month to editor PJ Riley.
Corrections and updates to the mailing list, including e-mail addresses, should also go to club secretary Michael Lecuyer

DMSG How to Join form
Our annual dues are $15. Anyone with an interest of astronomy is welcome to join the Delmarva Stargazers regardless of skill level, we are all amateurs and trying to learn. Meeting attendance is not required but highly recommended to get the most out of the club. To join click on How to Join Form
Delmarva Stargazers' Calendar of Events
Event Date(s) Day(s) Time/Location
Club Picnic July 11, 2015 Saturday 1 PM 514 Marilyn Rd, Smyrna DE
Public Viewing July 16, 2015 Thursday 7:30-10pm Assateague Island, Virginia
Observing July 17-18, 2015 Friday-Saturday Trap Pond /Blackbird/Tuckahoe
Public Viewing July 30, 2015 Thursday 7:30-10pm Assateague Island, Virginia
Public Viewing Aug. 13, 2015 Thursday 7:30-10pm Assateague Island, Virginia
Observing Aug 14-15, 2015 Friday-Saturday Trap Pond /Blackbird/Tuckahoe
Meeting Sept. 1, 2015 Tuesday 7 PM First Prebyterian Church
Observing Sept 11-12, 2015 Friday-Saturday Trap Pond /Blackbird/Tuckahoe
Meeting Oct. 6, 2015 Tuesday 7 PM First Prebyterian Church
No Frills Star Party Oct. 8-10, 2015 Thursday-Sunday Trap Pond State Park, De
Meeting Nov. 3, 2015 Tuesday 7 PM First Prebyterian Church
Office Officer Phone E-Mail
President Peter Graham
President Elect Doug Towner 734-812-1147
Secretary Michael Lecuyer 302-284-3570
Treasurer Kathy Sheldon 302-422-4695
Past President Lyle Jones 302-382-3764