are pleased to announce No Frills XVIII Star Party.

When: Thursday, October 3, 2013 through Sunday, October 6, 2013.
Where: Tuckahoe State Park's Equestrian Center near Queen Anne, MD.

The registration fee includes the following:
Camping fee for the observing area (campers are permitted to park by their telescopes)
Star Gazer Coffee continuously
Soup or chili on Thursday and Friday nights
Fish fry on Saturday afternoon.
Free Wifi Internet access(barring technical problems)
Sodas and hot dogs will be available at minimal cost.

There are no hookups or electricity in the observation area, but 110vac power is available for charging batteries.
Vehicle movement will be restricted in the observing area after dusk as a courtesy to those who are observing.
All attendees are encouraged to register in advance for this event.
Minors, ie, anyone under 18 years old, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while they are at No Frills.
"Family" definition is intended to be parent(s) and their children under 18 years of age or members of the same, husband, wife, partner.
The Delmarva Stagazers have "Gone Green". We ask that you bring a travel mug(s) for coffee, water and sodas. We also ask that you bring a trash bag to "take out what you bring in", this is a park policy. We are taking this approach to reduce the amount of total waste and the non-recyclable (Styrofoam) waste we generate. We will have facilities for washing your mugs.

We are using a single price system, there will be no single night pricing.
See below for pricing, Sorry, there will be no refunds.
Registrations will be , mail in or you can use a credit card with PayPal.


Pre-Registration Before 9/26/2013At the Gate Registration(After 9/26/2013)
Per Person , DMSG Member$35$40
Per Person, Non-member$45$55
Per Family (2+), DMSG Member$65$75
Per Family (2+), Non-member$75$85
Sorry no refunds!
Follow the links below to complete the registration process


Star Gaze XVIII Star Party - Registration form:

If you prefer to use PayPal follow this link: No Frills XVIII PayPal Registration
Host: DMSG President Don Surles 302-653-9445

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