Ninth Annual Mid-Atlantic Mirror Making Seminar

Delmarva Star Gazers will host the 9th Mid-Atlantic Mirror Making Seminar Friday March 20 through Sunday March 22, 2009, at Mallard Lodge, Smyrna, DE. Mirror makers and other attendees should check into the Lodge before 11:00 AM. Activities begin at Noon, March 20, 2009.

The purpose of the Seminar is to introduce proven successful mirror making techniques and practices to those wishing to make their own mirrors. Special emphasis will be placed on successfully figuring the mirror. All mirror-making materials will be furnished and expert mirror makers will be available to guide each person's activities. We will begin with 6" F-8, 8" F-6, and 10" F-6 mirrors and tools with diamond generated curves; ready for 220 grit. Successful mirror makers will leave the Seminar with a fine-figured mirror ready for aluminizing. They will also have the skills, knowledge and confidence to repeat the process as desired. Although our purpose is to ensure each mirror maker is successful, there is no guarantee of results.

Some mirror makers prefer to bring their previously started mirror projects that need some special TLC to turn them into fine optics. We encourage you to bring your project mirrors up to 13". Larger mirrors may be OK depending on specifics but, please be aware that large mirrors may require more time and attention than are available in this environment.

Mirror grinding, polishing, figuring and testing assistance will be provided by Steve Swayze, (Swayze Optical), David Groski (several Stellafane 1st Place Optics awards), Dr. Bill Hanagan, DAS, and several experienced mirror makers from Delmarva Star Gazers.

Mirror making: Mirror making stations are on a first come, first served basis. Non-mirror makers are encouraged to attend; to watch the process, to learn, to "get glasspushin' fever", and to participate in other planned activities

Mallard Lodge can comfortably accommodate 25-30 people overnight; sleeping rooms and bunks are dormitory style with common bathroom facilities. We can accommodate ladies and gentlemen due to the multi-room layout. Please be aware this is a NATURE FACILITY, not the Hilton. You will need to bring your own towels, blankets/sleeping bags, pillows, and toiletries. If attendees exceed the bunk capacity there is ample room for air mattresses (we will have a few to lend if necessary). Accommodations are available on a first come, first served basis. All meals will be provided by the Star Gazers. Fact: Delmarva Star Gazers like to eat so bring your appetite.

Registration: Registration: all mirror makers and attendees are asked to register by January 15, 2009, to provide sufficient lead-time for ordering supplies. Please note: the mirror and tool fabrication and delivery normally takes 2 or more months from date of order. Full payment must accompany the registration. Since a large percentage of your registration fees are used to order your materials there will be no refunds, but substitutions are O.K. should you become unable to attend. All we ask is that you arrange for someone to take your place and let us know about the switch - financial arrangements are your responsibility. Come and join us; we look forward to your company. Contact Don Surles, 514 Marilyn Road, Smyrna, DE 19977, phone 302-653-9445, email don.surles@verizon.net, or visit our web site at www.delmarvastargazers.org for additional information.

Fee Schedule

Non=Grinding lodging & meals only $85.00
Grind 6 inch mirror $250.00
Grind 8 inch mirror $300.00
Grind 10 inch mirror $475.00
Figure your own mirror $175
Walk In (No over night accomadations) $40
Mid Atlantic Mirror Making 9 Registration<--Click for registration form

Things to bring<-- What you need to bring

We are on our ninht Seminar, all have been very successful. Every participant and every person involved as a host has commented favorably on the experience. We have had many "repeaters" who come back to make another mirror or type of telescope; let's assume they have caught glasspushin fever. This eight Seminar should be a wonderful late Winter-time weekend in a very interesting environment and in the company of amateur astronomers learning how to "push glass".

Come and join us - we look forward to your company.

Come and join us; we look forward to your company. Contact Don Surles, 514 Marilyn Road, Smyrna, DE 19977, phone 302-653-9445, email:Don Surles E mail, or visit our web site at www.delmarvastargazers.org for additional information.