Third Annual Mid-Atlantic Mirror Making Seminar

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Our Third Mid-Atlantic Mirror Makers weekend is history. We began with snow on the ground and a forecast of six to twelve inches for Thursday night through Friday noon. Fortunately, Mother Nature is a mirror maker and relented with the white stuff. We only received a couple or three inches of wet snow and the temps moved into the mid 40ís. So, She cooperated fully. We had approximately 14-15 mirror makers and most people finished their very nice mirrors. Our facilities proved to be sufficient. And the food was outstanding. We have received many emails thanking us for sponsoring the weekend such as the one below.

I went to the mirror making event to learn about mirrors. I did

Of far greater value was the experiance I had of people. Without exception the Delmarva group was supportive and generous.

Someone once said that the only reason we invent "games" is so we can have an excuse to be together. With groups like yours, I need no excuses.

Don, thankyou for all the tireless effort you displayed all 3 days and please extend my appreciation to the equally tireless cullinary staff.

"I'll be back!"

Art Bianconi