Photos from Mid-Atlantic Mirror Making Seminar II

by Don Surles

Mallard Lodge Aquatic Education Center
Before mirror making begins
Setting up the framework for the mirror testing tunnel
Covering the tunnel with black poly
Mirror Making in progress
Pushing glass
Dave Groski explains the workings of the Prom Scope
Prom Scope builders
Our mirror testing team-brothers Bruce(left) and Steve(right) Swayze
Pushing glass
Pushing Glass
Putting on polishing pads
Taking a break
The testing tunnel gets a name
Steve gets a (rare) break
One way of pressing a pitch lap
Testing a mirror
The tester's view - how good is it?
Pushing glass
Pushing glass
A finished mirror
Another testing setup
Taking a break
Another finished mirror
Steve and Bruce say good bye
First light for the club Prom Scope
It works better if you take the cap OFF!
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