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Christmas Party 2003
Picnic July 2003
Star Gaze IX 2003 Star Party
Christmas Party 2002
Mirror Making Seminar 2003
No Frills 2002 Star Party
Star Gaze VIII 2002 Starparty
Mirror Making Seminar 2002 Recap
Christmas Party 2001
No Frills 2001 Starparty
Picnic July 2001
Mirror Making Seminar 2001 Recap
Christmas Party 2000
Stargaze V 1999 Starparty


Dave Wells Venus transit Images
Steve Long's Venus transit Images 6/8/04
Kent Blackwell's Mercury transit
Steve Long's Arurora Images
STV Images from No Frills 9/30/00
First STV Images 9/7/00

and Stories

Venus Transit report 6/8/04
Lunar Eclipse Reports 5/15/03
Kent Blackwell on Stargaze 2003
Kent Blackwell on No Frills 2001
First Light for the Club LX200
Bill Geertsen on No Frills 2000

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