Delmarva Stargazers
Star Party Page
We usually hold two regional star parties each year
One in the spring (Stargaze) and one in the fall (No Frills)
Click on the links below for wrap ups of past events
and details about up coming star parties.

No Frills XX April 24, 2014 - NEW
No Frills XVIII Oct. 3, 2013
Star Gaze XIX April 11, 2013
No Frills XVII Oct. 11, 2012
Star Gaze XVIII April 19, 2012
No Frills XVI Sept. 28, 2011
Star Gaze XVII April 28, 2011
No Frills XV
Star Gaze XVI
No Frills XIV
Star Gaze XV
No Frills XIII
Star Gaze XIV
No Frills XII
Stargaze XIII 2007
No Frills XI 2006
Star Gaze XII 2006 Wrap up
No Frills 2005
Stargaze 2005
No Frills 2004
Stargaze 2004
No Frills 2003 (pdf)
Stargaze 2003
No Frills 2002
Stargaze 2002
No Frills 2001 pics